ECHO CS 2510TES 12” Top Handle Chainsaw

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ECHO’s CS 2510TES 12” Top Handle Chainsaw is not only well balanced, powerful and precise, but its 25cc engine also provides plenty of grunt. Weighing in at just 2.3 kilograms, the 2510 reduces user fatigue significantly, ensuring users can complete jobs quickly and easily.

The G-FORCE Engine Air Pre-Cleaner system is also a sophisticated mechanism, designed to significantly increase the lifespan of the engine. The 2510 also boasts an impressive power to weight ratio, offering more from a lighter unit than its competitors.

The compact machine is easily maneuverable in tight spaces and is equipped with a swing out lanyard ring which makes for better balance, ensuring climbing is easy. The top mounted chain oil adjustment also allows the operator to control oil flow, optimising operation.

ECHO has manufactured outdoor power equipment for over 60 years and believes it has perfected the balance between toughness and performance.

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