Eco Concepts Air Freshener

Eco Concepts Air Freshener is a safer hypoallergenic odour controller that eliminates the occupancy of odours as well as knocking out smoke odour and stale air.
Consumers can now easily freshen-up bedrooms, bathrooms and the remainder of the house, eliminating everyday household odours and freshening stale air, while remaining hyper-allergenic. It is not only safe for the consumer but for animals as well.
Made from renewable ingredients Eco Concepts  Air Freshener is readily biodegradable, non-toxic and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), carcinogens, abrasives or harsh solvents.
With so many Australian households leaning towards using cleaning products that are not only safer for their families, but for the environment as well, Eco Concepts Air Freshener is designed specifically for the consumer requiring a safer alternative, while still remaining effective in performance.

Eco Concepts
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