Energizer Vision LED Headlights

Handy must have for ‘hands free’ activities

Energizer Vision LED Headlights offer the perfect solution for any jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands. Designed with leading-edge LED optics and focusing technology, the head torches are made for an exceptional user experience at every level.

Aimed to make everyday life easier, Energizer® LED headlights offer a useful range of lightweight and versatile lighting products, while providing a practical solution for those tasks that require two hands.

Whether it is used for DIY tasks, cycling, trade work or adventurous outdoor activities, the headlights include a pivoting head so light can be directed where it is needed. The headlights also boast a shatterproof lens, 50 hours runtime, adjustable non-slip head strap and a range of brightness and beam distances, as well as several light modes including white high, white low, night vision, white flood, white spot and dimmable beams.

The Energizer Vision LED Headlights also boast a Vision HD+ Focus of either 80, 150, 200 or 250 Lumens.

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