Enerpac’s ZC series high performance pump

Enerpac has introduced several powerful cordless hydraulic pumps ideal for jobs that require a combination of portability, speed and safety, into the Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinean market.

The compact 700 bar (10,000psi) ZC Series pumps combine the performance of an electric pump with the convenience, portability and stumble-free safety of a battery pump, ideal for applications where emissions and noise are concerns.

The cordless pumps feature a rechargeable 82 volt lithium ion battery with long run times, even under extreme site conditions, which work well in remote locations where there is no access to power, as well as indoor uses where trip hazards, ergonomics or size are a concern.

Available in single acting, double acting and Power Seater Post Tensioning models, the pumps provide a high-flow cordless solution for a diverse range of applications.

ZCs save users time and money by eliminating the need for a generator and extension cords. The brushless 1.0 kW (1.4 horsepower) motor and three-stage pumps maximise pump and tool productivity while minimizing heat build-up and downtime.

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