Fiskars IsoCore™ Maul

Swing safe this spring

With spring now here, it is time for your customers to get outside and clean up the garden, which may involve chopping off stray branches and splitting wood.

Perfect for hard-core wood splitting, Fiskars IsoCore™ Maul features optimised blade geometry for better penetration and blasts tough logs apart.

Fiskars IsoCore™ Maul has been engineered from head to handle for better results and an improved user experience. The patented, industry-leading IsoCore™ Shock Control System also absorbs strike shock and vibration, allowing users to take on intense wood splitting jobs, while reducing muscle fatigue.

The Maul’s premium steel head features a splitting face for forcing wood apart and a driving face, which can be used to drive wedges or be struck with another tool during splitting to help force the wedge.

For added safety, the Maul has an inseparable riveted head that will not slide down or snap off, even when swinging with maximum force.

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