Fiskars PowerArc™ Hardware scissors and snips

PowerArc™ Hardware scissors and snips

Fiskars has developed new ground-breaking technology for its scissors and snips making cutting easier, especially at the end of the cut where more force is required. PowerArc™ Hardware Scissors and PowerArc™ Snips from Fiskars, provide more power with less effort.

The PowerArc™ blade profile optimises the cutting angle between blades, reducing cut force. Both tools also feature extended blade tang for improved leverage and strength during tough cuts.

The PowerArc™ Hardware scissors are also ideal for cutting a range of materials including insulation, duct tape, cardboard, hoses and more. The scissors feature stronger coined blades to help prevent blade separation when cutting thicker material and a serrated blade edge to grip slippery materials.

The PowerArc™ Hardware Scissors also have bigger loops for large gloved hands. Handles are also positioned so the user’s hand utilises full hand strength to maximise power.

For the heavy duty jobs, the PowerArc™ Snip is ideal for cutting heavy-duty materials, while the offset handle may be used to cut from above or below while keeping waste material away from hands for safety.

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