Fiskars PowerGear™ Aviation Snips

Fiskars’ new PowerGear™ Aviation Snips are ideal for cutting assorted heavy-duty materials such as sheet metal, metal studs, siding and gutters.

The Aviation Snips are engineered with Fiskars’ renowned PowerGear™ technology, increasing the efficiency of each cut with less energy from the user.

Increased cutting force is achieved while, at the same time, dramatically reducing the amount of force required compared to traditional snips. The forged and heat treated steel construction improves the strength and power by 40 per cent, while the extended blade tang increases cutting leverage and strength of the design.

A limited handle opening design also prevents over-extension of the handle, while maintaining optimal grip strength for effortless cutting. The easy action handle also opens automatically at the completion of each cut to decrease fatigue and increase cutting speed. The ambidextrous locking system enables snips to be locked from above or to the side.

Backed by the Fiskars full lifetime warranty, the PowerGear™ Aviation Snips are available in five standard declinations: straight cut, left cut, right cut and offset cut versions.

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