Fiskars X-Series Axe

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The X-Series Axes balance comfort, durability and safety so users can focus on stacking their woodpile high.

A light FiberComp™ shaft minimises fatigue, coupled with an optimal anti-shock grip to ensure a comfortable and firm grasp, rendering the X-Series virtually unbreakable. The 35 degree convex shaped axe face also strengthens the cutting edge to make it less sensitive to fractures.

A hooked end of the handle prevents the axe from slipping from the hand, so users can swing with confidence, while the plastic sheath will help with safe carrying and storage.

There are four splitting axes and two in the new range, so no matter your customer’s size, level of expertise, or the diameter of the logs they are splitting, the X-Series has the right axe for all wood-choppers.


Tel: 03 8645 2400