FIX-A-LOO – Hygenix touchless cistern

Hygenix touchless sensor cistern

FIX-A-LOO recently introduced smart technology to one of its popular products, which is designed specifically to protect the entire family. 

With the world changing so rapidly due to the pandemic, many of us have also changed the way we live forever with 2020 highlighting the importance of cleanliness and reducing touchpoints throughout the home and office. Which is why FIX-A-LOO is encouraging your customers to start their journey towards a healthier, more hygienic bathroom by installing a sensor toilet. 

The new Hygenix sensor cistern features touchless technology. Users simply wave their hand over the sensor for a half flush, or hold hand over the sensor for a full flush. This 6/3 litre smart cistern is lightweight, easy to install, and low maintenance. Four AA batteries last up to 40,000 cycles which means no mains wiring is required and the cistern also features a manual push button. 

Have your customers upgrade their toilets today. No touch means less germs transmitted, and a cleaner, safer home for your family. 

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