GearWrench Master Ratcheting Wrench Insert Bit Set

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Be the master of your tools

GearWrench has built a reputation over many years for producing useful, durable products and its 41 piece Master Ratcheting Wrench Insert Bit Set is no exception, offering users a wide range of bits for almost any application.

GearWrench designed the set with versatility in mind, as the bits are compatible with six and 12 point ratcheting wrenches, to be used with 8 millimetre, 12 millimetre or 15 millimetres units.

When fitted to a ratcheting wrench, these bits facilitate more efficient usage – especially when compared to standard ratchets. A Zinc Phosphate coating makes each and every bit corrosion resistant, ensuring that all bits not only meet but exceed ASME strength requirements for durability.

The dynamic GearWrench ball detent securely holds the insert bit within the wrench, providing a more secure grip and thus, a safer user experience. To top it off, GearWrench also included convenient size markings on the base of the insert bits for easy and efficient identification.

The 41 piece set is housed in a rock-solid, blow-moulded case, complete with storage space for ratcheting wrenches.

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