Graffiti Cover Up

UltraColor Products have manufactured quality marking paints in Australia for over thirty years. Its latest release is the new 500 gram “Graffiti Cover Up” paint designed to cover up graffiti on walls, fences and poles, or for just restoring the old surface to its original colour.

Graffiti Cover Up is available in a range of colours, including many common Colorbond colours such as Mission Brown and Primrose. The range is also an ideal fast cover up paint for utility companies and local councils coming in Utility Box Green and Lamp Post Silver. Graffiti Cover Up uses a unique Hi Flow valve, which has the ability to rapidly spray over large areas. Typically a two square metre area can be covered in a minute, and each can cover an area of around seven square metres.

Graffiti Cover Up is a highly opaque, acrylic based paint designed to have a high resistance to ultra violet light, while resisting rain and weathering, leaving a fresh satin finished surface. Overspray may be cleaned up easily with turps.

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