Hammerite™ Rust Remover

Help you customers restore rusting metal furniture, fixtures and tools in just hours with Hammerite™ Rust Remover. Specially developed for the safe and effective removal of rust from vertical surfaces and intricate metal items, the Hammerite Rust Remover is available in both gel and dip formulations. Hammerite Rust Remover Dip is also ideal for loose metal objects such as car parts, nuts, bolts and garden tools. Simply immerse the metal items in the dip and within three hours of soaking, the items will be rust-free. For metal objects that are in-built or vertical such as fences, hinges, gates and doors, the Hammerite Rust Remover gel formulation is ideal. Advise your customers to use a wire brush or coarse sandpaper to remove loose rust, paint and dirt, then with a brush, work the gel into the surface with a coating of approximately 1.5 millimetres. After about three hours, users simply wash the surface with clean water and brush off any excess rust. For objects that are overly rusty, repeat the procedure until the desired finish is achieved. The Hammerite Rust Remover formula is non-harmful, safe on skin and will not damage paintwork.

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