Harris Premier Walls & Ceilings Brush

New Harris ‘cutting edge’ design

Bringing global to local, UK brand Harris brings quality and innovation in a range specially selected for Australia.

The user is at the heart of everything that Harris does and its mission is to give retailers the means to share the knowledge and confidence customers need to succeed in decorating projects. 

This means learning, improving and innovating to make product choice easier. To help customers navigate and choose the right product for them, Harris has segmented its range by quality level. Harris’ philosophy is to be perfectly clear about the benefits of its painting tools. It does this by providing easy to choose tools that are colour coded by quality, and task, with helpful icons – each with demonstrable benefits so a customer can easily find what they need and be in and out with the right tools for the job without having to navigate a cluttered rack.

New Harris Premier BLADE brush cuts in every time

One of the things your customer wants to achieve when decorating is neat, clean lines and a perfect finish. Thanks to the new Premier Walls & Ceilings Brush precision painting has now been made so much easier. 

Through patented blade technology the brush head has been tapered to give an edge as thin as a blade for ultimate control and precision. The brush head is also much thinner than a standard brush head so that the amount of paint it picks up is much easier to manage. 

When trying to get a neat edge, it is important that a lot of paint does not get dumped on the surface. This is an essential part of the decorating process. The term ‘cutting in’ is used to refer to the act of a brush to paint a neat border around the edges of a room, into the corners, along the skirting board and around light switches, sockets, doors and window frames. A good quality brush that is easy to control is essential in achieving crisp, neat edges. 

Once the cutting in is done users can then swap to a Harris 110-millimetre roller to blend the edge of the brush line, then switch to the same roller but in a larger size to complete the rest of the painting. By using these three steps anyone can depend on a neat and even finish to be proud of. 

Created for water-based paints the Harris Premier Wall & Ceilings Detail Brush is available in 25-centimetre, 38-millimetre and 50-millimetre, as well as a handy pack of all three.

• Tapered brush head to give an edge as thin as a blade.
• Dedicated grip zone nearer the head for better control.
• Easy to clean.
• Patented Blade™ technology.

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