Haymes’ Volume 10 Colour Forecast

The Haymes Colour Library, Volume 10, The Colour Forecast, is the first addition to Haymes’ innovative colour trends model for 2018. The Volume consists of three colour themes, Unearthed, Verge and Streetscape, each with its own palette of nine colours.

Unearthed is an organic, rich collection capturing the essence of Australia’s rural landscapes. This soulful palette comes to life with earthy, naturally deeper tones and tactile finishes. The palette draws inspiration from the earth, intertwining colours seen in the bush including mud, soil and bark.

Verge is on the edge of midnight, creating mystery and curiosity with luxurious tones and matt finishes. The palette is low in contrast but highlighted with Berry, Plum and Teal, adding depth and vibrancy.

Streetscape is an urban colour range, referencing the streets and laneways of Australian cities, showcasing diversity of culture, old and new, where urban landscapes and everyday theatre become a colour story of their own.
Haymes Paint launched its innovative, new colour trends model – The Colour Library in 2016, as a tool to release its latest colour stories and themes.

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