Hot Devil Super Oxy Blow Torch Kit

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Hot Devil Super Oxy Blow Torch Kit

Hot Devil Products is pleased to announce the recent launch of its Super Oxy Blow Torch Kit, into its popular range of quality gas products.

With a burn temperature of up to 3000 degrees Celcius, the new Super Oxy Blow Torch Kit is ideal for a multitude of jobs, whether it be in the workshop or out on site. The kit also has the ability to silver solder and braze various metals, or simply loosen off that rusted bolt or nut with ease.

The kit includes a sturdy metal cylinder stand, torch head and hoses, solid brass valve fittings, fuel pressure gauges, 1 millimetre and 1.2 millimetres pinpoint burner tips and seven flashback prevention points, not to mention a bonus hand sparker.

Portable and easy to use
Your trade customers know that expensive bottle rentals can be a financial drain on their business, especially if they only use them occasionally. However, this problem is now solved with the Hot Devil Super Oxy Blow Torch Kit, particularly because the kit is not only lightweight, but portable as well.

The Hot Devil Super OXY Blow Torch Kit also features fuel and oxygen gauges, as well as a second set of valves on the torch handle for quicker, easier setup and more precise flames. The stand has also had an upgrade, while its construction is more robust and durable, bumping up its class of safety.

The new kit is also substantially light and portable, taking up no space in a tool bag and may easily be carried up many flights of stairs. Portability is the most significant advantage of the Super OXY Blow Torch Kit, with a two-man team no longer required when carrying an oxy bottle up stairs to a multi-level job.

Quality fittings
The addition of the second set of fuel and oxygen valves on the torch head means users can now also open up the bottle valves to achieve ultra-fine adjustments.

The build is also high quality, with the kit boasting solid brass fittings, as well as easy-to-read fuel and oxygen gauges. Burn time is around 20 minutes, which would allow the completion of many brazed-solder joins.

Hot Devil is an Australian owned company, well known for its high-quality gas torches and soldering irons.

For more information on the newly launched Hot Devil Super Oxy Blow Torch Kit, or to view other products in the range, visit: