HPM LED battens

HPM’s LED battens illuminate space

It seems fluoresent lighting is now yesterday’s news. Due to the massive benefits LEDs offer in terms of longevity, reduced maintenance costs and eco-friendly operation, many businesses have either switched or are now switching to LED options.

If your customers are still operating with fluorescent lighting, HPM has introduced the perfect replacement with the arrival of its first-ever LED batten range.
The new range boasts three varieties including Blade, Slimline and Premium.

Blade is a stylish LED batten light with a profile of just 37 millimetres and 3,600 lm. Slimline has a 40 millimetre design, perfect for areas where illumination is needed but unobtrusiveness is key, while Premium is a super lightweight and minimalistic design making it the supreme choice for linear lighting solutions.

All products boast a three-year warranty and are designed specifically for those who want a reliable lighting solution in commercial situations.

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