HPM – TULI LED Pond Spotlight

New LED pond spotlight from HPM

Your avid garden customers can now add a drop of delight and a splash of sparkle with HPM’s new TULI LED Pond Spotlight, perfect for bolstering their favourite rosebush, pond or perfectly trimmed hedge. 

This lightweight spotlight not only cleverly brings out the green in any garden, but also leaves a green footprint due to its excellent use of energy. 

The HPM TULI LED Pond Spotlight can also easily double as a safety feature, lighting up pathways to ensure maximum safety for all garden party guests during the warmer summer months. The spotlights are also designed as sleek and slim so they easily add a touch of modernity to any outdoor area. The timeless design also ensures these new lights pair well with any existing light feature and decorations in either the back or front yard. 

This HPM pond spotlight is designed specifically to generate an ambient atmosphere that will partner well with favourite summertime tunes and help illuminate your customer’s favourite garden features. 

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