Into Illusions Edition 2 from Komar

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The XXL non-woven wallpaper from Komar’s new ‘Into Illusions Edition 2’ collection creates contemplative, inspiring interiors. Whether it is the futuristic 3D mountain landscape of ‘Up and Down’, the minimalist concrete wall in ‘Shadows’ or Miami’s glamorous ‘South Beach’ – Komar’s new collection of photomurals offers some unique motifs, innovative designs and vibrant colour combinations.

The most important features are often hidden, so it is worth taking a closer look at the ‘Hide and Seek’ photomurals. This is where cool brickwork meets colourful floral designs.

Komar also captures the fascination of planet Earth in ‘Wanderlust’ where picturesque villages, stunning nature scenes and awe-inspiring buildings bring the wonders of the world into the home.

Into Illusions Edition 2 combines the most popular photomurals from the first collections with new motifs interpreted by Komar’s designers in a contemporary and creative way. Alongside magnificent interior shots, the catalogue also presents lots of ideas for wall design and interior decor as well as inspiration for a creative and contemporary home.

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