JB Weld SuperWeld

JB Weld expands range for trade and home repairs

HPP Lunds, the Australian supplier for JB Weld products, has added eight new products to its extensive line-up of high-quality repair materials for the tradesperson and home handyman. 

Of the eight new products, seven are more skewed to automotive repairs while the eighth, SuperWeld Super Glue, has a multitude of uses.

This glue is a quick setting adhesive based on cyanoacrylates, which is an acrylic resin that rapidly polymerises in the presence of water or moisture and forming long, strong chains joining the bonded surfaces. 

JB Weld SuperWeld is a higher strength formula than most other super glues and is ideal for many workshop and home repairs. It typically sets in less than a minute and is fully cured within 24 hours. 

JB Weld SuperWeld comes in a two-pack version in small two-gram tubes for single use, boasting a strength of 3100PSI. It is also available in a brush cap six-gram bottle for brush-on applications, with a strength of 3000 PSI and a larger 20-gram bottle with a precision application tip. This is the highest strength formula with a strength of 3500 PSI.

HPP Lunds
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