Kärcher FC 5

Effortless floor cleaning

Until now, wet areas were primarily cleaned with vacuums, mops and buckets. However, Kärcher has now cleverly combined vacuuming and wiping in a single step with the launch of its new FC 5 hard floor cleaner.

The FC 5 works with two replaceable microfibre rollers, which are continuously moistened with a detergent solution from an on-board tank. The rotating rollers remove dried-on dirt from the floor, together with dust particles or small quantities of liquid. The dirt is then suctioned from the top of the roller, ensuring the microfibers are continuously cleaned, so new dirt can be picked up.

Just one tank can clean surfaces up to 60 square metres, with wet areas dry and ready to walk on in less than two minutes. To store, users simply remove the dirty water from the tank, and the FC 5 placed on the parking tray, with the rollers placed to dry on the park bracket.

Kärcher also offers the matching detergents for sealed or waxed wooden floors, stone floors or a universal cleaner.

The FC5 is available in yellow, with the FC 5 Premium available in white.

Tel: 1800 675 714