Karcher’s Window Vaccum

Karcher’s Window Vacuum takes the chore out of window cleaning, leaving users with a fresh, crystal-clear view of the outside world. Used in conjunction with the ‘WV Extension Pole’, operators can easily clean a huge range of surfaces in the house. By using the Window Vac and WV Extension, streaks and drips are also a thing of the past.
The magic of the Window Vac lies in its simplicity of easily vacuuming up the water on windows, mirrors, benchtops and other smooth surfaces. When using the extension pole, users simply dampen the microfiber head, which is then used to clean the surface. The Karcher Window Vac is then utilised to finish the process and clear the window of excess water or streaks.
The Karcher Window Vac can be extended to two meters, when using the extension pole, which may have previously required professional cleaners or the use of a ladder. This enables a much safer and cheaper cleaning experience.
A fully charged Window Vac will give 20 minutes of continuous use; enough time to clean the windows of an average house.

Tel: 1800 675 714