Kilsoot Chimney Cleaner

It was just 12 months ago that AgBoss acquired Kilsoot, after AgBoss found that the Kilsoot business aligned perfectly with AgBoss’ philosophy of providing its customers with only the highest quality products.

With its head office located in Albury on the Victorian and New South Wales border, the AgBoss team is thrilled to have a high-quality product such as Kilsoot under its banner; a product that fits perfectly with the company’s core principle to ‘provide practical products for practical people’.

With the company’s bold move into the hardware industry, AgBoss’ management team believes the addition of Kilsoot is the perfect match to its existing innovative and trusted range of products for the farm and garden. Over the last 12 months, AgBoss has invested in the manufacture and distribution of this highly popular product.

Kilsoot background
Established in 1958, Kilsoot is one of the best chimney cleaners on the market, according to AgBoss.

“Cleaning your chimney or flue has never been easier. It is simple and easy to use. All users need to do is place a small amount of Kilsoot into a burning fire and continue to let it burn for 20 minutes.
It removes soot deposits from fireplaces as well as boilers, cosy-type room heaters, chip heaters and stoves etc.,” an AgBoss spokesperson said.

“Kilsoot does not corrode steel flues and helps reduce smoke emissions from fires by dissolving tar and creosote deposits, while also increasing the efficiency of a wood burning heater. Creosote and tar are highly flammable and corrosive substances that can build up on the walls of the chimney and potentially start a fire,” the spokesperson said.

Kilsoot is the original chemical chimney cleaner and is the number one product in its field, according to AgBoss. It is available in two sizes: a 50-gram packet, which may be simply tossed in the fire, or a 375-gram tub for regular users.

AgBoss is the manufacturer and distributor of Kilsoot, so rest assured knowing that you are buying a product that is 100 per cent Australian made and owned.

For more information on any of the AgBoss products, including Kilsoot, go to or phone 1800 021 939.