Kohler Awaken rail shower

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Advanced action slide shower

Advanced action, wide coverage slide showers are just the latest in technology-driven features in the bathroom.

US bathroom designer, Kohler, has released a multifunction slide shower that delivers wide coverage while minimising overspray, and features enhanced targeted spray patterns.

‘Awaken’ is a rail shower with clean, architectural lines and a beautifully sculpted shower head. Users can select from three spray patterns accessed by a simple slide tab on the showerhead. Users can also choose from an all-encompassing spray with wide coverage for everyday use, or a more forceful setting, for soapy hair-rinsing, when a more drenching spray is required. And for users with sore muscles or in need of some rejuvenation, the targeted mode, with a more powerful stream of water is the perfect antidote.

The entire surface of Awaken’s 110 millimetres diameter spray face is covered in spray nozzles and features a finish that is easily cleaned with just a damp cloth.

Kohler polished chrome bathroom products, including its slide showers, benefit from a special finish that resists corrosion and tarnishing.

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