Kohler Exhale showerhead

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Exhale and enjoy the deluge

Kohler has released its latest showerhead – Exhale, inspired by the delicately textured surface of a dahlia flower. Exhale combines an organic aesthetic with Katalyst air-induction technology to produce an indulgent showering experience.

Taking advantage of the very latest innovations in engineering, actuation and sprays, Exhale’s four spray patterns ensure a therapeutic and cleansing experience and include: full coverage, drenching rain, massage and silk spray, with the spray pattern adjusted simply by rotating the spray face.

Kohler’s Katalyst air-induction technology increases the volume of the water-experience while actually reducing water consumption. By injecting air into the water flow the size of the droplets is increased, creating the perception of larger, fatter, more plentiful water drops.

The spray face also features a unique silicone surface with rub-clean nozzles that ensure any mineral deposits are easily wiped away.

The Kohler Exhale Slide Shower is also available in a Shower Rose option, using a maximum of nine litres of water a minute.

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