Kohler Katalyst showering technology

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Kohler – A catalyst for change

Advanced water technology ensures your customers can indulge in a drenching, luxurious, all-enveloping shower, while remaining reassured they are using less water than ever. Kohler, a US designer in bathrooms and bathroom technology, is the brand behind the latest Katalyst showering technology.

A reconfigured spray-face and an air-injection mechanism creates a super-indulgent ‘rainshower’ whereby the user receives even wider coverage, without any wasteful overspray, regardless of the water pressure.

Katalyst technology introduces 2.2 litres of air into every 9.4 litres of water, creating larger, fuller water droplets that retain heat longer.

The fullness and force of the water spray emulates that of a heavy rain shower, courtesy in part to the redesign of the nozzle’s larger diameter, different configuration and revised angle. The unique patented technology of Katalyst results in a better cleaning and hair rinsing performance, according to the company. While the technology is high performance, there are no visible changes to the showerhead’s exterior.

Kohler’s Katalyst rain-shower experience is available in a number of showering tapware options including wall and ceiling mounted showerheads, plus showering columns.

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