Kohler Mica basin

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Slim walled modernist design for bathrooms

The latest in ceramics technology has created a super-ceramic whereby vitreous china can be shaped into beautifully refined, slim-walled basins.

It is from this technology that Kohler, one of the world’s largest bathroom specialists, has developed the Mica basin – a countertop vessel with super slim walls, just six millimetres thick, and a surface finish that is highly stain-resistant.

The Mica basins are minimalist in design and perfectly proportioned. Designed to be used with statement hob-mounted taps, such as Kohler’s award-winning Composed, the Mica, in its modernist form, is the perfect complement to any style of bathroom or ensuite.

The delicate appearance of the walls of the Mica are, in fact, misleading. While extremely delicate and elegant in appearance, these new basins are 1.5 times harder than traditional vitreous china.

Kohler’s DFI finish also creates an invisible stain-resistant surface that ensures the basin retains its original glossy, pristine good looks after many years of use.

The Mica countertop basins are available in two designs; the 393 millimetre square and a 410 millimetres diameter round version.

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