Ledlenser Area Light Collection

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Ledlenser launches revolutionary new range 

Ledlenser recently launched its new Ledlenser Area Light Collection, with each product hosting a range of features that enables users to illuminate their work space, car or night time activities like never before. 

The new range includes the Ledlenser iF4R, which features a magnet, flexible base, and handle. Securing the compact iF4R is a simple task, as it may be easily propped up, keeping hands free. The powerback feature supplies up to 2,500 lumen, 15 hours of light, and power to charge mobile devices. This construction light is rechargeable and contains five adjustable brightness settings. The rechargeable battery also offers IP54 water resistance and uses 500 times less energy than a regular battery. 

Ledlenser iF8R – Perfect for turning on a suspended light source, the iF8R’s smart app control turns smartphones into a light remote control. The compact device also provides up to 4,500 lumen for up to 12 hours of continuous use, while the built-in power bank allows users to charge devices, including smartphones, via USB, which allows remote controls to remain just as powered up as the flood light. This model also offers IP54 water resistance, a fully rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and an efficient cooling element. 

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