Legrand ELIOT Connected Doorbell

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HPM takes ‘smart living’ to your doorstep…literally!

In today’s digital era, staying constantly switched on is the norm. Communicating through smart devices has become embedded in everyday living and is now transforming the way we live in our home.

A standard house has now become an interactive and dynamic ‘smart home’, giving homeowners more safety, comfort and convenience than ever before.

If your customers are not sure where to get started with their smart home, try beginning at the front door with the ELIOT Connected Doorbell.

ELIOT (Electricity Internet of Things) is a Legrand global IoT program that not only guides its cloud strategy, but also drives product innovation, and fosters partnerships in the IoT space.

This DIY doorbell is battery operated and comes with an adhesive backing, making it super easy to set up – no drilling or wiring necessary.

How does it work?
The ELIOT Connected Doorbell is specifically designed to connect with smart devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Using Wi-Fi connection, it works by sending a push notification to the resident of the home that somebody has rung the doorbell. The doorbell takes a photo of the visitor and then sends the picture directly to the owner’s connected device.

The power is in the people’s hands
Hear a knock at the door? No problem! With a simple glance at their push notification, the user has complete control as to whether they wish to open the door. Another great feature is that the resident will still be notified when they are not at home and can communicate with the visitor from wherever they are. This gives the user more flexibility, greater control and extra security.

Designed with extra thought
Combining stylish aesthetics, technology and ergonomic design, the ELIOT Connected Doorbell is made to be completely user-centred. This means the resident can use any connected device effortlessly, whilst enjoying the ease and comfort of smart living.

The stylish round shape instantly shows off the doorbell’s unique and modern design. Users may select from a sleek, bold black or a classic white finish that is timeless for any style and taste.

‘Smart’ device, ‘smart’ installation
The ELIOT Connected Doorbell has also been designed for smooth and simple installation with no building involved. The doorbell can simply be fixed to a wall or door using screws, or adhesive to avoid perforation (both screws and double-sided tape are included). The only things needed for set up are a Wi-Fi connection, a smart device and presto! All done!