Loctite 60 second glue

Introducing Loctite 60 second glue

Do you have a minute to spare? That is enough time to tackle some overdue repairs with the new Loctite 60sec All-Purpose Glue: the first all-purpose glue from Loctite which lets you fix big and mid-sized objects in only 60 seconds.

Loctite 60sec All-Purpose Glue is not only fast drying and extremely strong, but it is also repositionable and dries clear, delivering perfect results in only 60 seconds.

Thanks to its special formula, Loctite 60sec All-Purpose Glue Ideal may be used for all home repairs, especially for mid-size and large home repairs, which gives time to position the parts. The bigger 20 gram tube also provides enough product to cover large areas and is ideal on vertical applications, where fast fixture time and a strong and durable bond are required. Its special flexible formula is also enriched with plasticizers that provide flexible bonds.

This solvent free glue has a handling strength of one to three kilograms per centimetres square. It truly is multipurpose glue and quickly forms strong bonds between a wide range of common materials such as leather, rubber, wood, metal, porcelain, paper and plastic.

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