Loctite Kintsuglue

Loctite Kintsuglue is a new shapeable, flexible putty from Henkel, created to fix almost any broken object.

It can be applied to all the things users wish to repair, reconstruct, protect and enhance – even flexible objects. The glue can be moulded into different shapes and applied to a wide variety of materials or objects, allowing entirely new applications that go well beyond common repair jobs.

Kintsuglue remains flexible after hardening and is paintable, making it possible to match the object’s colour. It is water, temperature and shock resistant, and can handle fixes that common glues cannot. This enables it to be used to reconstruct or protect objects, improve their functionality or even create completely new ones. For example, it can be wrapped around damaged mobile phone or headphone cables, create new zipper pulls for a backpack or jacket, or be moulded into a protective cover to blunt pointed or sharp edges of furniture to make them more child-safe.

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