Macsim Mixed Window Packers

Macsim extends its window packer range

Macsim launched its Super Mixed Bucket of Window Packers to its range, featuring eight thicknesses, ranging from one millimetre to 10 millimetres, as well as four varied lengths of 45 millimetres, 75 millimetres, 90 millimetres and 140 millimetres.

Packed in an extra-large bucket, the combination of window packers is sure to be a necessity for every job.

In addition, Macsim has also updated its large 75-millimetre Mixed Bucket Pack to now house six thicknesses, by including a one millimetre variety.

To add more value and ensure Macsim has a point of difference to its competitors, Macsim has also increased the pack quantity by 50 units to 570 units.

However, do not be mistaken by the name. Window Packers are not only used throughout the window industry, they may also be used for levelling almost anything, including door jambs, furniture, kitchen cabinets, timber decks, floor tiles, and even house frame installation. It is the must have accessory for every builder and DIYer.

Macsim Packers Range – Pack it once. Do it right.

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