Mr Fothergill’s bulbs

Now is the perfect time for your customers to whip their gardens into shape for summer with the release of Mr Fothergill’s new produce and flowering bulbs.

Mr Fothergill’s produce bulbs are perfect for those who want farm fresh produce straight from their backyard, while summer flowering bulbs will brighten up gardens when the warmer seasons roll back in.

Mr Fothergill’s managing director, Aaron Whitehouse, said there are several varieties that may be planted in the colder months.

“Winter is the key season for planting summer bulbs and getting started in June is ideal for flowering perennials, such as lilies and gladioli, and produce including strawberries and asparagus. Start planting now and in summer you will have an early crop of fresh fruit and vegetables, and colourful flowers filling your garden. Bulbs can also produce a crop for several years, so planting them once can lead to a colourful and healthy garden,” Mr Whitehouse said.

New produce bulbs include Seed Potato Dutch Cream, Seed Potato King Edward and Seed Potato Russett Burbank, while new flowering bulbs include Gladioli Mon Amour, Hellebore Mix and Lilium Mapira.

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Pic cap – (Fothergill 1 KingEdward) (Fothergill 2 Lilium Mapira)