myMirka app

App helps trade professionals to combat muscular stress

Health and safety on work sites is a growing concern for Australians. Almost 30 per cent of Australia’s work force are trade professionals and, among this group, 18 per cent of common injuries involve muscular stress. With these statistics in mind, the need for a tool that helps professionals care for their health has become essential. 

Anyone who works with power tools for long hours is at risk of ‘white finger’ syndrome, or Raynaud’s disease, a vascular disorder that causes intermittent interruption of blood flow to hands, which is why the myMirka app was developed to ensure trade professionals have a simple way of looking after their hands.

The app measures and tracks operator exposure to long term vibration when using power tools against the ISO 5349-1:2001 standard and depicts this on a coloured scale. When the tracking enters the red zone, the app will recommend that the operator takes a break.

These features are documented by using Bluetooth technology and vibration sensors which are integrated into all Mirka’s electric sanders – including the popular DEOS and DEROS. This makes it easy to track vibration and speed in real time as well as daily vibration exposure. 

Users simply follow six easy steps to get started:
1. Connect the power cord to a mains outlet.
2. Press and hold the + button while switching on the power button.
3. The left LED lights up (green) to indicate that Bluetooth is active.
4. Check that Bluetooth is switched on the phone or iPad.
5. Open the myMirka app and choose ‘Connect Tool’ then ‘Scan’.
6. Select the tool that is being used and click ‘Connect’. 

The myMirka app and a Lite version are available for both iOS and Android and can be found in the App store or Google Play Store. The Lite version has all the features that do not require Bluetooth connection with the tool so that, wherever users are in the world, myMirka digital services are available. 

No matter what kind of surface professionals are working with, their hands will always be their most valuable tools. Now, thanks to this innovative new app, anyone who uses power tools on a regular basis can look after their hands much more easily, creating a healthier, happier workplace. 

For more information visit: or phone 1300 745 536.