New goal zero lithium Yeti range

Goal Zero recently announced the release of its most versatile portable power stations yet, through its new Lithium Yeti Range. Goal Zero provides those seeking adventure with market-leading solar kits, solar rechargers, solar panels and solar accessories.

The new Lithium Yeti 400 is compact, lightweight and also designed for weekend adventures with a 400Wh capacity. It features real-time usage data via an upgraded display, two powerful AC outputs, three USB ports, and a 12V output for devices designed for car cigarette lighters. The Goal Zero Lithium Yeti 1400 helps tackle the toughest jobs off the grid with 1400Wh of power. The multi-stage surge capability AC also sets a new industry standard allowing users to power more devices than ever before.

With over 10 versatile ports and 3000Wh capacity, the Lithium Yeti 3000 is perfect for using multiple devices. Fully recharged in 25 hours, the Yeti 3000 can run a 32” LCD TV for 30 hours, fridge for 50+ hours, lights for 1000+, making it the perfect power backup for homes.

Goal Zero
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