Macsim Timber Screws

Macsim recently launched a new timber furniture screw product to its smaller pack range, with its timber furniture screw now available in countersunk or round head varieties. 

Generally used in timber furniture or cabinetry, the new variety of timber screws feature a wider screw thread than a self-tapping or stitching screw, which prevents wood deterioration between the threads over time.  

The new screw varieties are also available in black or white gloss to blend with furniture and cabinets, with a 3.5 millimetre to five-millimetre screw gauge and lengths of 16 millimetres to 50 millimetres.

Ideal for use with furniture, the timber screws are available in both black gloss and white gloss varieties.

Macsim’s product range now includes 7500 stock items including anchoring, screws, rivets, silicone, bolts, nuts, nails, power and gas tools, screwdriver bits and more.

Macsim continues to go from strength to strength, particularly with its state-by-state supply base and new branches in New Zealand.

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