Northcote Pottery 60-centimetre Patio Pond

Zen water garden for home

Garden lovers can now create their very own Zen water garden with ease, with the Northcote Pottery 60-centimetre Patio Pond.

The pond is super easy to install, with running water flowing from a contemporary spout to avoid stagnant water and the prevalence of mosquitoes around the feature. Designed perfectly for summer, the water feature may also be easily styled with flowering lotus leaves or lily pads. Users can also add fish to create a resort-style feel that the whole family can enjoy.

If a patio pond is not what your customers are looking for, remind them that nothing brings colour and movement to a garden like birdlife. Garden lovers can now treat their feathered friends to water for drinking and bathing with the Northcote Pottery Milano Bird Bath Water Feature. 

Made from premium glass reinforced concrete, the bird bath also has gentle surface water motion. When including a bird bath in the garden, make sure your customers position the bird bath off the ground and top the water up on a regular basis.

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