Nylex Kinkaway

The garden hose is an essential addition to every Australian backyard, however, one of the most common frustrations is kinks that can occur. Garden products leader, Nylex, has created a family of hoses to ensure customers no longer have to wrestle kinks out of hoses.

The clever design features an inner layer of anti-algae PVC followed by another layer of high quality polyester reinforcing mesh, preventing the product from kinking. The mesh layer is vital as it provides the properties of the hose to resist kinks as well as ensuring burst pressure resistance. Over the mesh is another PVC layer that provides protection from the elements.

The Nylex family is comprised of the Kinkaway, Never Kink and Never Kink Pro hoses and are designed to last in the harsh Australian sun, withstand tough working conditions and high water pressures.

Nylex also has a range of watering accessories including the newly added brass hose connectors and adjustable nozzles. The range of brass hose connectors feature anti-leak technology and are designed with a machined notch pattern on grip points for improved dexterity. For more information on the range visit: www.cyclone.com.au/brands/nylex