ONE•TIE reusable tie strap

ONE•TIE reusable tie strap does it all 

The ONE•TIE reusable tie strap is so versatile, it can easily be used on the job site, in the workshop, in the office, around the house or wherever something needs tying up or hanging up.

UV, chemical and water resistant, the ONE•TIE may be used over and over again without ever wearing out as it is made from a high-quality automotive grade polymer. This ensures it can easily be used in hot, dry, cold or wet conditions, while remaining reliable and durable.

The ONE•TIE can also withstand a wide range of chemicals and is designed to easily handle any rough usage, whether it be on the job site or at home.

Currently available in Australia in 200 millimetres (eight inch) and 350 millimetres (14 inch), black and red varieties, a third length of 500 millimetres (20 inch) will also be launched into the market later this year.

The ONE•TIE is also extremely adaptable, as all current sizes can be easily modified to any size required by the user as it may be joined together.

Another exceptional feature of the ONE•TIE is that its target customer is potentially any tradie or DIY customer. This is because the product may be used as a handy, reusable cable tie or tape, that can be easily re-used at a later time. This could be in two hours, two days, two weeks or two months, the ONE•TIE will ensure any product remains in order for as long as it is required.

Product with ‘a bazillion uses’

Known as the product that has ‘a bazillion uses’, the ONE•TIE also provides a safe on-site cable management option, in the home, shed, work van or on-site, ensuring there are no more excuses to leave cables, hoses, leads, cords lying everywhere as either a tripping hazard or electrical hazard. As the perfect, reusable cable management product, it can manage almost anything in a neat and safe environment, including hoses, leads, cables, conduit, cords, battens, and angle irons etc. ONE•TIE may also be used for organizing and securing building storage and strapping.

Another handy feature of the ONE•TIE is that it also allows most products to be hung on a hook. The cleverly designed vertical slots on the product allowing it to hang up anything out of the way, so users can get on with the job at hand.

ONE•TIE is the most useful gear wrapping tool on the market and it is hard to find a place where the product cannot be used. Durable and sturdy enough to not slip in use, the ONE•TIE is not only designed to wrap up any cord or product, but may also be easily removed when no longer required.