Ox Group MixM8 mixing paddle

Ox Group’s award winning paddle

Ox Group recently launched its award winning MixM8 mixing paddle, designed as a truly revolutionary way to mix.

The new mixing paddle is so different to any existing mixing paddle that it has been described as an entirely new breed, particularly due to its unique ‘rabbit ear’ design. The new design allows it to produce smoother mixes faster and also allows for an easier clean-up, even with the stickiest solutions.

The MixM8 is ideal for mixing small batches of thin sets, mortars, cement, plaster, paint and similar materials.

Unlike traditional steel paddles, MixM8 is a highly flexible and durable plastic with a whirling motion that cuts through materials. This also creates a smooth mix that minimises foam, bubbles and air entrapment.

Ox Group compared the efficiency of the Mix M8 Mixing Paddle with a conventional mixer, in a recent YouTube video, where the Mix M8 beat the conventional mixer by over one minute. For the full video visit:

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