PIERLITE Litelux LED downlights

PIERLITE Litelux LED downlights launched

The new PIERLITE Litelux LED Downlights range enables consumers to set the scene with dimmable colour and temperature changes, which are ideal for all living spaces.

Each Litelux IC-4 downlight is designed for the Australian electrical environment and climate conditions in Australia.

Deeper housings and customised board designs ensure better heat dissipation at higher temperatures and allow the integrated dimmable drivers to achieve maximum performance and life.
IC-4 LED downlights are also tested to ensure they are safe to operate when covered in ceiling insulation.

The range consists of three downlight styles, available in flush or recessed diffused front lenses, with 35,000 hours of average design life and three years warranty.

The PIERLITE Litelux OptiColour LED Downlight utilises new technology to provide a smooth colour temperature change from cool (6000K) to warm white (2900K), as the smooth dimming action reduces lumen output. While the PIERLITE Litelux Colour Select LED Downlight allows the user to simply select between three popular colour temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 6500K, using the switch on the back of the fitting.

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