Pryda FastFix™ Stick Built Framing Screw

The faster and easier engineered solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames

The Pryda FastFix™ Stick Built Framing Screw is suited for on-site stick build construction to provide a secure stud-to-wall-plate connection. It attaches the top plate and the bottom plate to the studs faster and more efficiently than the traditional method of using a stud tie or strap. This helps to speed up the work on-site and provides a clean finish for follow on trades.

Why a Stick Built Framing Screw?

The market has seen an increased demand in trade for framing screws versus traditional stud ties. Builders are seeking this solution as it provides a flush finish delivering better quality outcomes during building, especially for follow on applications and trades such as plasterboard, painting, or cladding.

Ease of application

With years of industry experience, Pryda’s engineering team has considered every detail in the design of the new screws, making sure they have the same quality that customers expect from Pryda products.

  • Faster – Uniquely designed screw tip gives a rapid start, and the coarse thread significantly reduces driving time.
  • Smarter design – Head and thread design offers superior hold-down strength and high resistance to withdrawal.
  • Easier – No special tools required, a standard five millimetres hex drive and an impact driver is all that is required.
  • Greater capacity – Increased thread length for greater capacity than most flat metal stud ties.
  • Pronounced knurl – Reduces the chance of splitting by enlarging the hole slightly and preventing the unthreaded part of the shank from binding with the timber.
  • Quality finish – Provides better quality outcomes in the build process especially the installation of plasterboard.

Identification tags are also available, supporting a seamless certification purpose (easy to validate below the top plate). The Stick Building Framing Screw is available in two sizes, 135 millimetres and
175 millimetres. 

Taking the time and labour out of tedious L bracket connections

Why use an Internal Wall Screw? 

The use of internal wall brackets can be full of frustrations. A poorly installed bracket is a common cause of call-backs from the homeowner. Add to that, the time taken to install, with the need to hand hammer three nails to the bracket above the top plate, a better way is needed. The Pryda FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw (IWS) replaces the wall hitch on non-load bearing, non-braced walls in seconds, saving users time and labour on tedious connections. The IWS stabilises the tops of internal walls by fixing them to the bottom chord of roof trusses. 

IWS benefits

  • Quicker, safer, and more precise than a conventional hitch.
  • It is a real time saver – builders have reported a three to four hour job can be reduced to 45 minutes.
  • Reduce the risk of working at heights as IWS can be installed from the underside of roof trusses.
  • By design, the Internal Wall Screw cannot be over-driven.
  • One-piece fixing allows for a simple and easy installation process.

The new IWS installation guide

It is recommended that the IWS guide is used to ensure accuracy and ease of installation. The new IWS guide aligns the screw to the Truss/Trimmer and ensures the screw is not only installed in the correct position but also features ergonomic hand grip protecting fingers, embossed installation instructions, and a holder for extra screws & nutsetters. 


For every box of FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw purchased, you will receive a box of new IWS guides for free! This promotion is valid from now until 31 July 2023. 

The IWS is available exclusively from Pryda Fabricators.