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QUADSAW: The tool that drills square holes

For years, electricians have struggled with rulers, pencils and handsaws to cut holes in walls for electrical sockets and other boxes. This method lacks accuracy, creates mess, and can take over five minutes to cut a single hole.

QUADSAW solves this problem thanks to its unique four-blade technology, which enables users to cut square holes in seconds, with minimal dust and absolute precision.

No marking up or measuring is required as the QUADSAW has built-in spirit levels, a height gauge for ease of use and is compatible with power drills and most battery drills.

With around 250,000 electricians in the UK cutting around three holes each working day, there are almost 200 million square holes cut every year. QUADSAW could save 16 million hours of labour and over £320 million per annum in the UK alone.

“When I first saw the QUADSAW in action, I knew it was a winner. It cuts a perfect square hole, which means that there’s no ‘making good’. The amount of time and money that this tool can save is remarkable,” CEO and co-founder of Genius IP, Ean Brown said.


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