RedCat range



RedCat’s wide range creates one-stop shop

Specifically designed for independent hardware stores, the RedCat range provides ‘Build it With Quality’ products in a one-stop shop offering.

RedCat’s expansive range offers products for the builder, specialty and industrial trades, as well as the DIY customer.  

For the builder, RedCat offers a timber decking RCJP® Joist Protection product which is 100 per cent UV stable, black in colour, and also provides ‘unseen’ water shedding protection for timber joists. 

For sheet metal, engineering or DIY customers, RedCat offers industrial hardware solutions including rubber ute mats with solid rib or air-hole designs in pre-packed or 10 metre rolls, as well as rubber push-on weather seals designed for tradie toolbox lids, car doors and boot lids. 

Rubber strip rolls are also available in a variety of thicknesses and widths and may be purchased off the shelf in pre-pack or special order, along with rubber sheeting in 1200-millimetre-wide rolls. The rubber sheeting is also available in different thicknesses with imbedded fabric insertion for added strength. There is also a huge range in matting including diamond and coin textured surfaces, with these products proving to be very popular for anti-slip flooring or tool box drawer lining.

RedCat’s tube matting is excellent for boat decks, shower cubicles or workshop floors, alongside its full range of dome, fingertip and top deck anti-fatigue style mats. RedCat also supplies rubber wheel chocks in black and safety yellow with bracket holders.

RedCat’s industrial metal hardware products are specifically designed for new build or repairs, with the range including ute tailgate latches, tailgate hinges, toolbox drop ‘T’ handles and truck storage cabinet handles. All products are available in a variety of finishes such as zinc plate, polished stainless steel and black powder coat.

Additional to the range are gas-strut lid stays, as well as hinges, both weld-on and bolt-on — to keep tool boxes, boots, bonnets and caravan storage box lids up and away from fingers. If customers wish to create tool box storage drawers or a pull-out BBQ in their 4×4 campers, RedCat has a massive range of locking and non-locking drawer runners carrying weights from 30 kilograms right up to 500 kilograms.

In the tapes sector, RedCat’s self-adhesive foam tapes are designed for both the industrial or DIY customer. The full range of tapes come in pre-packed convenient five metre coils or full-sized industrial rolls, offering a range of thicknesses and widths, while RedCat’s in-house cutting service gives retailers the flexibility to order widths to their customer’s requirements. 

Boasting a proven track record of ‘Build it With Quality’ products for over 30 years, RedCat will complement your current product range, ensuring your customers have everything they need to finish their projects without having to venture anywhere else.

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