Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tradie Tray

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The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tradie Tray is the ideal solution for tradespeople in all industries, carrying a wide variety of gear on the roof of their vehicles. The open front and back ends mean you can easily load ladders, planks, pipes and other long objects that require extension beyond the tray, as well as easily carrying other work tools.
Built as tough-as-nails, the Tradie Tray is crafted with reinforced nylon and aluminium for extreme durability in all environments and conditions. Featuring fully-welded side rails to make loading and unloading easier, the tray is also non-corrosive so it will not rust or fade.
Rhino-Rack has also ensured that the Tradie Tray is compatible with a large range of their accessories, including the Rhino-Rack Rear Roller which makes loading ladders and planks onto the tray a breeze. A major feature is the C-Channels built into the planks, which are perfect for mounting eye-bolts and provides complete flexibility for carrying a variety of loads.
Not only is the Tradie Tray built for the Monday to Friday grind, it is a weekend warrior as well, allowing users to fit surf boards, fishing gear or anything else needed for the weekend all in the one tray.

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