Rhino Rack’s Extension Ladder Rack

Very few tradespeople could say they don’t use a ladder almost every day, which is why Rhino Rack’s Extension Ladder Rack is an essential tradie tool.
The Extension Ladder Rack system is suitable for extension ladders up to four metres and is compatible with Vortex & Heavy Duty roof racks. Constructed from anti corrosive high tensile materials, the Ladder Rack is tough enough to handle any environment.
Including a heavy duty 470mm wide rear roller and multiple slide pads, loading and unloading is simple and helps prevent potential back and shoulder injuries. The Ladder Rack is fully OH&S compliant and used as standard equipment on most commercial fleet vehicles. Included with the Ladder Rack is an RLS5 Ladder Strap to secure ladders firmly to the rack even when navigating the roughest terrain.
Rhino Rack’s Ladder Rack is the safest and most practical way to transport an extension ladder, and is an absolute must for tradies.

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