Rover Duracut 400 and 800

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Rover Pedestrian cuts to the chase

The new Rover Duracut 400 and 800 series ensure mowing tasks become an enjoyable, efficient activity. Rover has just released four new models of the 18” Steel Deck Pedestrian mowers, within the Duracut Series.

Packed with a powerful 159cc Rover 800 engine that produces 8.04ft-lbs of torque, the four swing back blades featured on the Duracut 820 and 850SP will cut through any grass length.

The 410 and 420 models pump out almost 5ft-lbs, making either series an ideal domestic and commercial product. An extra-wide 46 centimetre high quality steel deck on all models with ten height adjustments, are also expected to reduce mowing time.

Keeping safety at the forefront of the design, Rover’s Safe Stop technology also stops the mower automatically if the user is not in control, minimising injury. The Pedestrian series also feature a 1.8mm thick steel deck that offers increased strength on component contact and wear points; while also being fitted with full 8” ball bearing wheels matched with a Zag 2 grip pattern.

Each mower is backed by a five year warranty domestically and 90 day warranty commercially.

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