Samsung SHP-DR708 Smart Door Lock

Samsung launches its new generation of door locks

The next generation of door locks has entered the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where the internet is incorporated into objects to make daily use more convenient and tech-savvy.

The Samsung Smart LoT door lock has changed the way homeowners think about security and access to the home, with users now having the ability to check whether the front door is locked and allowing visitors remote access using a temporary code, anywhere at anytime. 

New Smart IoT Door lock SHP-DR708 features include:

  • Wi-Fi control – remote long-distance management and control.
  • Soft touch open – users simply touch to unlock when leaving the home.
  • Smart bell – receive phone notifications when the doorbell feature is used.
  • Five-Way authentication – five different authentication methods.
  • IoT security – three different data protection technologies.

Wi-Fi control

The SHP-DR708 allows users to be connected to the front door 24 hours, seven days a week. Whether the home owner is away from home or sitting in the lounge room, they will have as much control as if they were physically at the front door. The SHP-DR708’s smart phone app delivers many possibilities including:

  • Remote unlocking – unlock the door anywhere, anytime.
  • Notice of access – be notified when family members enter or exit the home.
  • Regular visitor access – allow regular visitors access range within selected times.
  • One time password – give visitors one-off PIN code access.

Soft touch open

The SHP-DR708’s soft touch open feature is an amazing innovation that ensures exiting the home is more efficient and convenient. It is also all about making the door as easy to use as possible. When users exit the home, they simply touch the handle lightly. A built-in proximity and movement sensor will then unlock the door automatically, eliminating the need to physically unlock the door

Smart bell

For those who have ever missed someone ringing the doorbell, the SHP-DR708 solves this issue with its built in smart bell. The SHP-DR708 sends a notification to the user’s phone every time a visitor rings the smart bell, ensuring they will never miss visitor or a special delivery ever again.

Five-way authentication

The days of hunting through a ring of jangling keys are over, with users now having the ability to use their Smart IoT Door lock SHP-DR708 using five different methods: fingerprint, NFC mobile key, PIN code, traditional key and via the smartphone app. 

The traditional key is a great back up, but most of the time users will utilise the system’s keyless options. Best of all is the smartphone application, because this method may be used remotely, meaning users no longer have to be standing in front of the door to unlock it. 

Data security

Naturally, new users may have concerns about the security of the data involved in these processes, which is why the SHP-DR708 incorporates three different user data protection technologies to protect personal data – including password and app data. These technologies include:

  • White Box Cryptography (WBC) – WBC prevents the exposure of confidential information, such as passwords, to minimise security risks.
  • Secure Encapsulation for Application Later (SEAL) – SEAL provides an up-to-date and secure app environment to protect security while using the app.
  • Password deletion from app – If a family member or visitor does not require access anymore, users can easily remove access to the door through the app.

Random security code

The SHP-DR708 prevents potential intruders guessing passwords, by using smudges on the touch screen, by prompting users to tap two random numbers before entering their password. This makes it impossible to guess which numbers are usually entered by looking for smudges.

Intrusion alarm

What if someone tries to guess the password? After five failed attempts, the Smart IoT Door lock SHP-DR708 will disable itself for three minutes, stopping authentication of any kind. If someone tries to tamper with the lock, the system will immediately set off the alarm.

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