Seasol GOLD

Seasol GOLD fertiliser is new to the home garden market, and has been launched just in time for the gardening season. 

Its unique, patented technology enhances the efficiency and benefits of seaweed to all plants including natives, lawns and soils all year round. It is a complete garden health booster as it promotes healthy, robust growth and stimulates flowering for blooms and good fruit development, leading to a bumper crop of delicious edible produce. The enhanced benefits of seaweed also promote stronger root development and plant establishment and give plants a kick-start to life. 

The added calcium in Seasol GOLD helps provides an extra boost in the growing season to improve plant cell wall integrity and strength during leaf, root and fruit development. It also enables plants to better cope with the stresses of the environment such as heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases. 

Seasol GOLD is available in a range of applicators, including 1.2 litre concentrate, 1.2 litre trigger spray, 1.2 litre hose-on and two litre hose on varieties.

Tel: (03) 9721 4100