Selleys MarineFlex

Selleys extends high performance range

Selleys has extended its high performance range to now include its new marine grade product: Selleys MarineFlex.

The new product prevents users from having to drain their pool or spa just to seal a leak or fix a broken tile. Selleys MarineFlex has also been formulated to deliver superior performance in demanding situations and where conventional products fail.

New MarineFlex is specifically designed as a high performance adhesive sealant that may be used on boats, pools and spas (with typical levels of chlorination), where users may need a waterproof seal or bond, even under water. (Not for polycarbonate and Perspex under water).

Powered by Sil-X advanced polymer technology, it can be applied and cured underwater, and is also suitable for use in fresh, salt and chlorinated water. Selleys MarineFlex is solvent and isocyanate free, as well as paintable and sandable once fully cured. Compared to traditional polyurethanes, it provides a more durable seal and bond with superior UV resistance.
Selleys MarineFlex is available in 410 gram cartridges in black and white.

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