Silvan fire fighter knapsack sprayer

Silvan Australia has just released a new 20-litre capacity Knapsack Sprayer, branded the Silvan Fire Fighter that has been purpose designed to help quell a fire outbreak.

The Silvan 20 litre capacity Fire Fighter Knapsack Sprayer features include a swivel hose connection, which allows easy right or left handed use of the hand pump.

The hand pump also operates on both the up and down stroke to provide a strong stream or spreading flow of water.

The double hand action of the pump also meets the Australian Standard AS 1687.

A suction filter within the tank prevents the blocking of the lance and spray gun by any material which may have accumulated in the tank.

With an adjustable nozzle, the Silvan Fire Fighter supports targeted distance spraying with either a single stream or the spread spray pattern suits closer in application.

Note to your customers – the Silvan Fire Fighter Knapsack Sprayer is purpose designed for use with water only and is not designed for chemical spray applications.

Tel: 1300 745 826